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Know Your Rights If You Have Been Arrested

Getting arrested can often be a traumatic experience. Nevertheless, knowing your rights can help ensure that you do not find yourself in deeper trouble.
Providing Information
If you are arrested by the police, you do not have to give the officer any information unless you were driving a vehicle during the time of your arrest. According to your Miranda rights, it is actually recommended that you do keep quiet, since what you say can be later used against you during the trial.
Entering Your Home
The police do not have a right to enter your home or search your vehicle without your consent or a warrant, and you are not obligated to give permission. Nevertheless, it is recommended that you don’t give the officers any trouble if they illegally search your property. Instead, you should verbally state that you don’t agree to this search and then take their information in order to formally file a complaint later.
In Court
The very act of resisting arrest can be illegal, so it is extremely important that you do not run or get into a physical altercation with the officer even if you are innocent. You will have the right to prove your innocence in court using your own lawyer or one that will be appointed by the court.
Knowing your rights can minimize any problems caused by your arrest. Contact Mark J. Geiger, Attorney at Law, to enlist the aid of a skilled attorney should you ever get arrested.