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Expert Attorney Helping With Personal Injury Cases in Salem, Oregon

Following an injury or accident, your first concern will likely be your physical well-being. You should seek medical treatment and ensure you are equipped to begin recovery, but after this need has been tended to, questions about costs and missed work will likely arise. Will you have to pay these bills? Will you be forced to quit your job? Questions like these are the reason it is a good idea to hire a personal injury lawyer. If you are looking for an injury lawyer in Salem, Oregon, Mark J. Geiger, Attorney at Law, can help you explore your legal options and even seek compensation.
Our firm is dedicated to achieving justice for victims of negligence, and with a PI attorney on your side, you can take advantage of the protection the law affords. If your injury is due to recklessness, deliberate action or negligence, you deserve to have a court see your case and administer justice so you can carry on with your life and fully recover.
Personal Injury

Seek the Justice You Deserve in Polk and Yamhill

Whether you have sustained a bruised leg or a broken bone, a personal injury is a serious matter that should be treated as such. You may be wondering whether you will be stuck with your medical bills and lost wages, but consulting with a law office may help you understand some of your legal options. We offer representation to clients throughout the greater Salem area, and this includes Polk and Yamhill. An injury should not keep you down, and with our help, you can recover physically and regain normalcy. For more information, you can reach out to us at 503-588-1723 and learn about your legal options after an injury.
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